Dragonball Evolution

What is Dragonball Evolution?


A movie based off an awesome anime but was utterly destroyed by dumbshit Americans trying to make epic into a real life movie. Everyone appears to be Asian besides the main character Goku.

Goku does not have the badass hair.

Piccolo seems to look like some cheap Harry Potter Villian.

Bulma is even more of a bitch in the movie than in the anime.

Roshi some how has hair in the movie.

Chi Chi is not anything like she was in the anime, she is somehow a sexy fighting beast in the movie.

America needs to apologize to Japan, they must have felt totally offended by this pile of shit.

Derek: You hear about Dragonball Evolution?

Harleigh: Yeah, supposedly it's supposed to be as good as the Super Mario Bros Movie!

Derek: OH BOY!

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The movie DBZ fans waited for for ten years but were extremely disappointed at how it turned out.

"Dude, Dragonball Evolution succkkkkked"

Friend 1: "Did you see the dbz movie?"

Friend 2: "No."

Friend 1: "Don't."

"What was that at the end? You're supposed to blow back after a Kamehameha, not towards it"

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another epic fail appearance.

major problem is: dont ever make a real movie based on a anime story. it will never work. not in 1000 years.


if youre a true fan of db, don't watch this movie, you will die.

almost no one had gone to the cinemas.(only f41l0rs)

no one will buy the dvd.

torrents are allready dead cuz it sucked so hard.

real dragonball fans want to forget that this movie was ever produced.

DB evolution is not over 9000.

a: whats the worst movie idea in 2009?

b: dragonball evolution! how much fail can the world take untill it breaks...

a: well i guess the limit is reached soon O_o

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