What is Drajeto?


A very stupid and mentally limited mega-popular bulgarian singer, who is the grandmaster of hip-hop culture on the Balkan peninsula. His compilation "Greatest hits 2005-2006" featuring forty-three versions of his platinum single "Qmbooool" sold a mere 31 copies all over Yambol.

Drajeto is entering this game

Yamboool - this is the town

In Yambol live all my people

You are from another city

and you think you are from the team

but you're not

do you understand me?

when you're not get out of here get away!

I plan to publish an album

i will strain you!

Do you understand, you turkish delight!

Here I go again I enter this rhytm

Get out of my way! Ha! I'm gonna kick you!

I take the microphone and I begin to sing

I see that you're jealous and I begin to laugh

Why are you jealous?

Because I publish an album and I will be becoming richer!

And in the end I will tell you just one thing:

Drajetooooooo do you understand you shit ?!

Yambol is a very beautiful town

Who dislikes it is a fool

Drajeto is trying to make money

while the others still play computer games

I also don't have anything in mind playing CS

but I prefer to drive a Mercedes!


Sample of Drajeto's lyrics is given above.

See idiot, maniac


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