What is Draughty At The Sides?


Post-coital criticism by a discerning, bush-loving gentleman who has just experienced the coolness of a Surrey, a Brazilian, or - worst of all - a Hollywood.

In Australia traditionally, no Sheila would interfere with the Bush - except, of course, to "whack" it, or to let her fingers go "walkabout" in the Alice-spring area. Her Digger, or mate, expected to find his Didgeridoo root in the all-round cover and comfort of natural thatch. In those happy days, the indigenous Bearded Koala was not an endangered species and sensible ladies paid little heed to the blandishments of Mr Gillette and his poofterish, hair stylist cohorts.

Nowadays, however, down-under and world-wide, the Bush is under threat, as ladies are persuaded by fashion-freaks that their tropical areas should be deforested and that a Bald Peach is the desirable fruit. For the male participant in intercourse, this means a chill wind round the willy; and that even if the minge still has a fringe on the top, for the male rider it will be too draughty at the sides.

See bush, surrey, down under, shaving, bearded koala, fashion, Persson


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