What is Dribbler?


Mentally ill person.

look at that spacker.. he's such a dribbler


When someone ejaculates, and dribbles everywhere rather than shooting.

Alex: Dude your such a dribbler

Bob: No way man, straight shooter fo life!

Alex: Yeah bullshit, man your semen probably ends up under your balls.

See trickle, leak, drool, weak, drip


Name coined by random homeless man. Term can be used interchangeably to define an individual with poor drinking abilities, someone who is simply a hack or also a gay fish.

*Whenever term is pronounced, it must be said in the mindset that you are a homeless man rockin a labbatt blue T (sleeves cut off).

Man that guy drinks like such a puss, what a DRIBBLER!

Wow look at Kanye West, what a DRIBBLER!

What do we have here, a bunch of DRIBBLERS!

Randall is quite the dribbler.

See dribbler, randall, drib, ball, hack


When someone ejaculates, and dribbles rather than shooting.

Alex: dude your such a dribbler

Bob: no way man, straight shooter for life!

Alex: yeah bullshit, your semen probably ends up under your balls man

See drops, trickle, weak, small, drool


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