What is Dr.jekyll And Mr.hyde Nes?


One of the worst awful NES games out there on the NES system that was based on the actual book.Let me name some reason why it's a shitty game for each character.


1.you have a weapon that won't do anything and it only kills bees.

2.You walk so slow.

3.The townspeople try to kill you for no appearent reason(even animals).

4.It's impossible to get pass your enemies most of the times.

5.If you get to the ending with Jekyll all you'll get is the word "END"

6.Ever time you get hit you anger meter drains out and you turn into Hyde.


1.You go through the same exact levels as you did with Jekyll but with these strange enemies and you have to kill them to turn back into Jekyll.

2.If you reach the exact same point as you did with Dr.Jekyll for no appearent reason you get struck by lightning and the game ends just like that.

So really the goal is to get futher with Dr.Jekyll that Mr.Hyde.

WTF man I just got struck by lightning for no reason!I hate Dr.Jekyll and Mr.Hyde NES!!!

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