What is Dronfield Ironing Board?


A sextechnique involving two men, three womenand an indeterminite number of geese. The protagonist repeatedly rams his fists up the anus and urethraof one of the female participants, while the others prance around them in jester's garb, making witty repartee, clicking their fingers, occasionally coughing. As the female begins to rupture, the second male begins inserting live geese up the lead's anus (a feat requiring some dexterity and strength) while quoting from the Tibetan Book of the Dead. Once the death of both leads has been confirmed, those remain continue as per a regular Celine Dion.

Can be done with ducks instead of geese in which case it is known as a Clitheroe cheesegrater.

So I looked over the fence and she was only doing the Dronfield ironing board, the filthy bitch.

See celine dion, dirty sanchez, pasadena mudslide


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