Drug Dealer

What is Drug Dealer?


Someone who simply provides a service to people who demand it.

"Drug dealers don't SELL people drugs, they OFFER people drugs."


1)A person who gets a bad rep from those who don't have an idea of what it's like to be forced into a situation where they have no other choice. Contrary to popular belief, it is not the "easy way out;" it's an extremely dangerous and scary lifestyle. However, after a certain amount of time in the game, drug dealers gain a false sense of invincibility and find themselves as addicted to serving the fiends as the fiends are to the product they serve. It's a vicious cycle because, once they get caught, they have a felony on their record and are thus unable to get a "legit" job so they often times fall back into the same old pattern. They're generally not bad people, most of them have good hearts and dreams just like the rest of us, but due to whatever circumstance, are forced into a lifestyle where they put their lives on the line on a daily basis. Maybe if this society was less capitalistic and more socialistic it would have less drug dealers.

2)The government.

1)Drug dealer -- Anthony just had a new baby boy and he wants to be there for his child. He tried putting in his applications to various establishments but no one seemed to hire him. He's attending college with hopes of being a teacher someday. However, his baby needs to eat RIGHT NOW so he goes out and serves a few fiends who are going to get it from someone else regardless, if not from him.

2) The C.I.A. controls the flow of coke into this country...but believe what you brainwashed muthafuckaz want.

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a person that sells drugs to anybody to get paid

Drug dealers have a lot of friends.

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Contrary to many of you alls beliefs a Drug Dealer could be anyone. Successful drug dealers actually don't fit the "Norm" description. Normally the low dirty trashy dealers don't get far in what they do because they are not educated enough to keep the ball turning. A good drug dealer runs the streets or college campus in a business like form using micro-economics or proven statistics to enforce a safe and gurantee'd profit. A good drug dealer knows his limits. Meaning that if the kid is a fien you don't sell him enough to overdose or cause bodily harm that effects the rest of his life.

Yea my friends a drug dealer; goes to a Division I college out of state and is making insanely good grades and had a scholarship for wrestling. He came from a good family in the suburbs and he sells weed but thats only because in college it's a hobby not a life threatening addictive drug. He makes money and some people are haters and that's why he'll always get further in life then they did.

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A feudal communist lord.

I got some fungus and some 420 from my drug dealer and I'm going to the park.

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one who sells illegal drugs. society tends to have sympathy for them because many of them had a "tough upbringing" although anyone with half a brain would realize that they are destroying more families and creating more "tough upbringings" by doing what they do. Hollywood and the music industry glamorizes this life style with stupid movies and music such as 50 cent and the g-unit. all in all, no matter how hard their childhood was or how badly they need money these individuals deserve one of two things. To rot in a cell for the remainder of their retched lives or to be in an unmarked grave.

a drug dealer sold crack-cocaine to my mother when I was a little. now she is no longer my mother, just another junkie turning tricks south of the bronx.

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White trashfuckos who rent the house across the street from you, turn it into a drug house, trash up the neighborhood, have their dumbass addict customers come all hours of the day and night, whine on their cell phones about their inability to get food stamps and leave nasty stained mattresses laying by the side of the road. They ask nosy questions about who owns what houses, case out houses to rip off and generally make decent people afraid to go about their daily lives.

I will cheer the day the popocomes and hauls these drug dealer assholes away.

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