What is Dtm?


"Down to match", referring to be able to match with someone else on a blunt of cannabis.

Having $5 and wanting to be high.

E-"yo, are you DTM after school?"

S-"I don't know man i'm riding my horse after school."


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Shorthand for Dead to Me. Used in reference to an idiotic person trying to ruin your day.

Girl to her friend : "Did he call you back last night?"

Response: "No, I never heard from him... he is DTM."

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Down To McDonalds.

The origins of this word actually come from a late night McDonalds trip by 4 friends in the spring of 2008, at Central Michigan University. 3 members of the Fall 07 class of the Alpha Sigma Tau Sorority, and 1 member of the Fall 07 class of the Sigma Alpha Epsilon Fraternity were the first to ever attend a "DTM".

Not long after the movie Superbad was released, these 4 individuals had taken a liking to the phrase "DTF", also known as Down to F*ck. They then modified the phrase DTF to incorporate their late night McDonalds trip, hence the name "DTM".

Wow i'm starving...


Yea, I could really go for some nuggs right about now.

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Don't talk, mom

means that your parent(s) is/are around and you're talking about



-how gay your parents are

and you dont want your parents to read

person 1: hey dude have you smoked that purple i gave you???

person 2: DTM

person 1 shuts up

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Dick to mouth.

Slang for being screwed over hard, or severally owned. Worse possible case scenario.


I took a major DTM from my boss in yesterday's stand up.

Last night's snow storm DTMed our hopes of getting over the pass today.

I'm DTMing everyone in the office football pool.

Let's DTM these bastards.

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DTM:( acronymn) Dead to Me! When a person or thing is no longer in a persons area, or when a person is all set with said person or thing, they are DTM.

I can't believe that bitch was talking shit about me....Shes DTM!

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Deutsche Tourenwagen Meisterschaft

DTM refers to the German touring car race series held in the mid-80s through mid-90s. After being disbanded in 96 the series was re-established in 2000. The original series is analogous to the current BTCC and WTCC series, whereas the newer series feature more radically modified cars.

The Schnitzer Motorsport M3s and AMG Racing 190s dominated DTM back in the day.

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