Dub Strong

What is Dub Strong?


A Love for most things vw. dropped to the limit with wheel sizes ranging from 13" to 15".not always appling to those who are finacialy handicapped but rather to those who accept it as a lifestyle. cars really modded to style sometimes have a investment of $2,000.00 to $12,000 dollars

a vw rabbit dropped 2.5 inches on 14" schimdts would be a good example of dub strong

See dubbed, slammed, old school


-a style of Volkswagen ownership. Usually associated with unreasonably low ride height or outlandish wheel poke.

-Followers of this approach are often characterized by low cash flows and sub-par social lives. For more information, please refer to vwvortex

"Yo, dub strong meng!" Loose Translation: "Excuse me sir, please lower your VW to a level below manufacturer specifications."

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