Duck Soup

What is Duck Soup?


Easy adj.

Commonly used by gumshoes in books by Chandler and Spillane. If something is as good as done or will be done very easily is said to be "duck soup."

It's duck soup from here on out.


When you are excessively sweaty (preferrably upon finishing at the gym), you take your hand and use it to accumulate the sweat from your testicles and wipe your hand on a friend's face.

Guy 1: "Dude, that was an awesome work out!"

Guy 2: "Man you're so sweaty though"

*Guy 1 performs duck soup*

Guy 1: "What the fuck dude, duck soup is so nasty!"

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When a Male is having anal sex with one partner he then ejaculates in the partners anus to then suck his own seamen out with a straw.

So I came in her ass the then I had some duck soup

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