What is Dukes?


Dukes simply means Parents

I'm going somewhere with the dukes

See parents, duke, mom, dad


1.) Fists.

2.)One's hands clenched tight together to form deadly weapons often called FISTS in order to defeat an advisary.

3.) The act of duking it out, to fight, to rumble, and / or lay the smack down thick.

"Put up your dukes, and lets rumble"

"Lets duke it out. first one to cry is a yancy pants."

See weapons, knuckles, knuckle up


Bumming cigarettes compulsively and without regard

Could you dukes me a cigarette?

Yo that kid's been dukesin my cigarettes all night!

See bum, scrub, grub, borrow, dux


The indicators on a cell phone or other electronic device showing strength of signal (dukes) or remaining battery (power dukes).

"I'll just say I had no dukes when she called - so she doesn't think I'm ignoring her."


slang term for Daisy Dukes, short shorts that accentuate a girl's booty

Adina Howard can be seen in them in her "Freak Like Me" video and female rap artists will make reference to them:

"You know I'm goin' be on 6-1 with Dukes on, yeah I'm doo-doo brown..." -Jacki-O (Dade County Clap)



A great show that was ruined by the new Dukes Of Hazard movie with the dumb blonde Jessica Simpson that should be shot...

Guy 1: Dukes of Hazard was the best show ever!

Guy 2: Yeah but have you seen the new movie with that dumb blonde?

Guy 1: Hell no! I never want to either!


Milwaukee based word for Air Force One Shoes.

Yo dukes is clean, boy.


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