Dumb Blonde Joke

What is Dumb Blonde Joke?


A joke told by someone who is only making fun of blondes because blondes are waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay hotter than they'll ever be. And no I'm not a blonde.

black-haired person: How many blondes would it take to fill the brains of one chipmunk? More than the amount of blondes in the universe!

brown-haired blonde lover: You're only making fun of blondes because you're jealous that you will NEVER be as good-looking as blondes.

black-haired person: Oh FINE, I admit it, I am. I'm sorry.

brown-haired blonde lover: It's alright. Now we can start the 'TPWMFOBAJJBBAWWHTTEB' (The people who make fun of blondes are just jealous because blondes are way, WAY hotter than they'll ever be) orginization.

black-haired person: Good idea.

The two people become friends, and will eventually go out with 23 blondes combined in their lifetimes.


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