Dumpster Crotch

What is Dumpster Crotch?


a) Smelly female genitalia that can be compared to the aroma of a grocery store dumpster on a hot august day.

b) The owner of the smelly genitalia.

a) wow, that dirty skank has got some ripe dumpster crotch goin' on.

b) That bitch is one gruesome dumpster crotch.

See crotch rot


a)A female whose lack of hygiene has caused her genitalia odor to resemble the dumpster behind Fortino's aroma.

b)Stanky, scabby bitch.

Yo bitch go wash that shit out with some spray nine you filthy dumpster crotch.

The dirty prostitute sure smelled like a dumpster crotch.

See smelly box


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