What is Dunbar?


the biggest dirtball to walk the face of the earth. the adjective dunbar is most commonly associated with bottom feeders, and generally people who have no positive attributes to offer the world.

damnit, johnny hasnt taken a shower in 5 days, and he sells crack on the street corner...what a dunbar

See moron, dirtball, asshole, cock monger


A term that usually has to do with being extremely finished, cashed, passed out, extremely drunk or intoxicated to the point where you are slurring your words or dunbooting. It may also be exchanged with any random words in a sentence and is often followed with mcguillcuty.

"You are definitely dunbar mcguillcuty!"

See done, passed out, intoxicated, finished, cashed


a slang word for done/finshed. and offtake of the word "Dunzo" Made famous by the Laguna Beach cast, but changed to be the name of the roomate of the Real World Sydney cast; Dunbar

This relationship is DUNBAR.

See done, dunzo, finished, completed, ended


a cum guzzling bitch whos profession is an "O" ring massage therapist. Also he doesn't use his hands!

i wish i could get a hold a a girl that is a dunbar.

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