What is Dunkadelic Phat-jam Crew?


Is a basketball slang " Catch Phrase " for a team that features players from the Hip Hop culture that play the game above the rim. Is a nickname that is a combination of the ( Dunkadelic ) terminology, the Hip-Hop term ( Phat ), the Hip-Hop record lable ( Def Jam ), and the urban term of a Hip-Hop group of friends ( Crew ).

The Los Angeles Lakers of Kobe, Shaq, and Nick " The Quick " were young and talented they were also known as the " Dunkadelic Phat-Jam Crew ". The Suns of 2004-05 is the new " Dunkadelic Phat-Jam Crew " of the NBA with Amare, Q-Rich, and The Matrix Shawn Marion.


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