What is Dwindle?


To decrease to a point at which the dwindling object is almsot nonexistent.

President Forwill's supporters dwindled down to his wife and his brother-in-law.


1. Verb: to use drugs, especially Cannabis

2. Dwindling. Verb: The act of using drugs.

3. Dwindler. Noun: Drug user.

4. Take a Dwindle. Phrase: Get High

All terms derived from the fact that your supply of drugs dwindles (gets smaller)

1. Dude, lets go dwindle

2. Dude don't get the door I'm dwindling

3. Dude, Bredy is such a huge dwindler

4. Man keep an eye out for cops, I gotta take a dwindle

See weed, dope, grass


A situation or problem.

Im in sort of a dwindle, can you help me out.


The cum cap you get on the top of your penis after sex.

I had a gnarly dwindle dude, it made me piss completely sideways.

See cum, goat fucker


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