What is Dwm?


Driving While Masturbating

Damn Darren I can't believe you actually got a DWM. How does that work?

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Abbreviation for 'dead white male.' An derisive reference to the disproportionate number of dead white males presented as significant figures in history and culture.

Who wants to hear about Freud? Just another bloody dwm.

See dwg, political correctness, dead, white, male


The acronym for "driving while Mexican", a joke phrase commonly used to satirize the profiling stereotype/reputation of law enforcement in rich caucasian (and right wing) cities and suburbs.

Also see: DWB (driving while black)

My buddy Lupe was driving through north Clovis, California in his lowered 80's Monte Carlo with the giant Raiders sticker on the back when he was pulled over for DWM and they searched his car and found his pipe and bag of weed.

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driving while myspacing

Hey, is it ilegal to dwm?

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