E & A

What is E & A?


Eyedea and Abilities newest CD which was released in March 2004! Consists of 14 tracks:

1. Reintroducing

2. Now

3. Kept

4. Exhausted Love

5. Star Destroyer

6. Paradise

7. One Twenty

8. Man vs Ape

9. Get Along

10. Two Men and a Lady

11. E&A Day

12. Act Right

13. Glass

14. Glass

Did you get that new E & A CD? Eyedea just keeps on elevating!


Great duo, keepin hip hop at what it should be. Twista doesn't have any thing on the speed of eyedea on the track 'now'.

Murder of memories is a incrdeible song. The lyrics and sound are unmatched in the hip hop industry.


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