E Dick

What is E Dick?


(noun) A condition of severe erectile dysfunction and penile shrinkagethat affects many males after heavy ecstasy use. This condition is exacerbated by the fact that sufferers are often extremely horny.

Ann: Are you ok? Am I doing something wrong?

Sam: No baby, I've just got some serious E dick going on. You mind if we just lie here?

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You just can't get it up for the life of you..it don't matter how frickin HORNY you are, you just ain't getting that wood deliveryyou've been expecting on time. X obviously makes this happen, also a shitloadof alchy makes this happen. It always depends on the individual too. Chemistry is a funny thing.

i got so damn drunk at that party at Kutz's house, that when i later tryed jacking it to britney spears videos all night, i fricken had a case of the E dick.


afta u drop an xtc pill, and ur dick strinks temporarly while u high,

i was tryin to grid this bitch on the floor but i had e dick bro

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