E Tarded

What is E Tarded?


(Adv.) A state of mental confusion and severe short-term memory loss that follows in the wake of an ecstasybender. One who is E tarded often exhibits the characteristics of being stoned. There is some debate as to whether e-tardedness is caused by ecstasy itself or by the effects of being awake, undernourished, and dehydrated for 24+ hours.

Sam: Hey Ann, you wanna call a cab?

Ann: Hm? My cellphone. What?

Sam: Jesus Ann, you're totally E tarded. Where's your cell?

Ann: Uh, what were we just talking about?

See e-tarded, etarded, e-tard, e, ecstasy, mdma


Being fucked up on ectasy

"Man i was e tarded that night"

See ecstacy, x, e


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