What is Eanes?


Eanes is another word for Andy. Eanes is a human of unsurpassable intelligence, whose wit and charm are often desired at parties. When someone says the word Eanes they are often filled with an unexplainable joy. When ladies cry out Eanes in bed their orgasms are often multiplied ten fold. You can often finds lingering about the Time Cave with his cohorts Liam, Jacob, and Kiernan curator of the time cave. Do not expect an Eanes to linger about when police are near because he has been arrested multiple times and is now fearful of any police.

Eanes was at the party, but jumped the fence when the police arrived.

See andy, eanes, ice cream, awesome, power, sex, moan, evil, crotch, snide, coonehs, fart, butthead, beavis


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