What is Eastern Kentucky University?


Located in Richmond KY, this is the nation's premier Law Enforcement, Emergency Medical Care, Assets Protection and Security college in the world. The Kentucky Department of Criminal Justice Training is situated on Eastern's campus, along with Kentucky State Police post 7. This college is the Yale/Harvard/Princeton/Stanford of those wishing to enter into a career for law enforcement.

1. Man, I found out I wasn't man enough to become a police officer while persuing a degree at Eastern Kentucky University, so I decided to go to the University of Kentucky for a liberal philosophy degree.

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One of the best universities for people who should not be in school. They could save time by skipping this step and going directly to work at McDonald's.

1. -"Did you go to college?"

-"No, I went to Eastern."

2. "Be careful driving by EKU with your windows down. I was driving in that area yesterday and an administrator threw a degree into my back seat."


School in Richmond, Kentucky. Home of the Colonels. Has many colleges of such things as business, technology, education, public safety, and arts & sciences. Often considered the red (or in this case marron) headed step child of the University of Kentucky.

I couldn't get into UK so I go to Eastern Kentucky University.

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A public 6 year university located in richmond

Number 1 STD school in the nation

Man #1: So where do you go to school again?

Man#2 Eastern Kentucky university

Man#1 So thts what genital Herpes looks like!

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