Eastern Star

What is Eastern Star?


A woman of unquestionable morals and community involvement belonging to the fraternal order( a social society based on Christian principles that) of ORDER OF EASTERN STAR. She is your next door neighbor, mother of your church, sorority sister, aunt, professor, camp leader. She is recognized by her deeds, not by her paraphenelia, sign or regalia. Often misrepresented as a sorority by those who are unaware of her true meaning and devotion. She is not a devil worshiper nor is she in a cult. She is the first and true representation of sisterhood for her obligations are life applications and not memory tasks. She is often referred to as the mother of all for her establishment and ideology of secrey dates back prior to any sorority conception. She is affiliated with the Masonic Family, her brother is the Mason!!!!!

You didn't know Mother Washington was an eastern Star?

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