Easy Access

What is Easy Access?


1. of or relating to a male swim team in speedos

2. used to reference somebody with excessive amounts of accessible holes in their clothing

1. I think they should make boxer speedos for even easier access so it will just pop out when they get excited.

2. She poked her finger through the hole in his shirt and said "Hello! You seem to have a lot of easy access today."

See holes, speedos, A.B.C.


(a) Articles of clothing on women that give free, uninhibited, and easy access to the breasts and crotch. For example, a skirt.

(b) The key to happiness.

"I love skirts! They're so easy access!" *drool* *perverted look*


when certain areas of the body are easy to access

when a girl wears a skirt with a thong *cough* easy access to tht area *cough*

a guy wears jeans with a hole in the crotch *cough* easy access to tht area *cough*

See sex, fingering, hand job, blow job, access


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