Eazy E

What is Eazy E?


Born Eric Wright. Eazy E was born in Compton on September 7, 1963. A former drug pusher and 10th grade dropout Eazy puts his stuff together with Ice Cube and Dr Dre to make "Boyz n the Hood'. Eric W. meets J Heller and together they form Ruthless Records.With a new label and Dre, Ice Cube, Dj YElla,Eazy E, and MC Ren, the West Coast gangsta rap group N.W.A releases Straight Outta Compton a controversial album of ghetto LA life. The group releases the single "Fuck tha Police" which leads to the FBI sending a warning letter to Ruthless. Eazy released 'Eazy duz it' his only complete solo album in 88. Ice Cubes leaves NWA which leads to Dr. Dre also leaving NWA. Eazy's career was in trouble now, with Dre gone no one could produce the beats. This lead to Ruthless spirlaing downward. In desperation Eazy signs Bone Thugs n Harmony, which becomes a huge group.Eazy releases tracks once in a while, but in mid March of 95 Eazy finds out he has AIDS and 10 days later he dies of AIDS related lung illness. RIP EAZY 63-95

"Eazy's fued with Dre was heated but they needed each other Dre perfected the beat while Eazy locked the flow"


one of the realest rappers ever. rap is no longer ganksta, but is took over by actors such as 50 cent


One smooth mother fucker, who died of AIDS.

The boys in the hood are always hard....

See harold


In a world of 50 Cent, Ludacris as the top artist from Americas failing youth, Eazy E may be a lost memory soon. He's one of the most talented rappers ever to grab a mic.

RIP Eazy. Ludacrs and 50 have nothing on you!!


a gangsta rap pioneer who was part of N.W.A. head of ruthless records; died of aids in 95


The first rapper who actually talked about the truth, instead of fucked up bullshit; without him Dre. wouldnt be shit.


The realest nigga from the CPT. Fuck all them fakers.

Dr. Dre was Eazy E's bitch!


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