What is E-banging?


The process of going online to Gangbang. Also known as E-Thugging, E-Banging consists of posers attempting to sound as if they are gangstas in real life by claiming shit they have no business claiming, or real gangstas attempting to mark their territory, show gang pride or set up conflict online via chatrooms and message boards. E-Banging, in either sense, is mostly regarded as the weakest attempt to gangang, as there is no risk to one's person or identity when banging online.

Yo, son, hold up a minute. I know who you are, you're that punk who was on that message board, tryin to sound as if you run the block. I know gangsta rap is popular right now, but if i catch you E-Banging again, me and a couple of REAL homeboys are gonna show up to your house with some twelve-gauges, capiche?

See e-thugging, gangsta, lamer, hood, gangster


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