What is E-bondage?


A form of cyber sex in which instead of conventional sex one practices bondage. See also BDSM, Bondage, Cyber Sex.

Person: Hey wanna cyber.

E-Whore: Im into e-bondage, will you be my internet slave?


A fetish similar to bondage, S&M, domination(commonly refered to as BDSM that primarily involves computer equipment(peripherals, cables, etc.) Common e-bondage equipment includes Cat-5 cable, Compact disks(if a male is the one being subjected to the bondage), flash drives, soldering irons, USB 2.0(its backwards compatible so thats alright), floppy disks(for nostalgic Dominatrixes), and other devices that can plug directly into ports.

Dude, have you met that e-dominatrix? She is so much better with the Cat-5 than that psycho at Club Vondersexxx.


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