What is Ecc?


East Cooper Crew. A group of young fooligans from the dirty south that have no game and are afraid of women and therefore spend their time with white collar crimes and ugly girls.

guy 1- need any sausage

guy 2- yes

guy 1- call the ecc they have more sausage than poland


1.) Environmental Crunk Crew

2.) An attempt at making fun of high school 'crews'

"Hey gurl, let's get the ECC together and go plant some trees!"

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Easter Christmas Catholics-refers to rather apathetic catholics who only attend church at the holidays. Often as its a family tradition and were raised catholic but dont practise any of the core beliefs.

The new generation of catholics-those we consider themselves belivers while living a secualr lifestyle.

Yo Dina did you go to church ?

Haha was it christmas yeasterday? My gran is the only one who regularly attends-our family is still catholic through,we are just ECC !

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An acronym to represent a video game tournament held in the east coast of the US called "East Coast Championships". Usually a number follows it to represent which annual year it is.

Were you at ECC? I heard Justin pwnedeveryone there.


Acronym, descriptive. Literally stands for "Entertainment Concentration Camp" and refers to jokes/situations where humour is forced, unnatural and frequently cliched.

Person a: "Oh jesus it was so pathetic- he saw my hair and said 'Did'ya have a fight with a lawnmower?'"

Person b: "Talk about fucking ECC! Pathetic..."

Person a: "Totally ECC!"


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