What is Edarem?


Edarem, also known as "The Schnozz", is an older man whose fame as a YouTube personality has grown exponentially since September of 2006. Edarem posts new videos quite often (despite, or perhaps because of the fact, that he is old and literally insane) that sometimes feature him singing, dancing, lip synching, talking, or all of the above. His tastes range from TV theme songs ("Scrubs", "Walker, Texas Ranger") to classical pieces ("Khachaturian's Sabre", "Hungarian Dance"). It should be noted, however, that Edarem also likes to posts videos about his adventures in his life, ranging from trips to Wal-Mart to a video in which he trims the branches of a tree with a chain saw. Edarem has started to edit his videos; his skill can be seen in a video, 2:17 in length, of a Robin in a bird bath that does nothing more than stand about. Given the quirky, obsessive nature of Edarem's material, it is possible that he is a paid actor.

"You seem tired this morning, honey. What's wrong?"

"Nothing, Mom. I was just up watching Edarem's YouTube Channel until 3:00 a.m. last night!"

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