What is Eddie?


comes from the word Edward, Eduardo, Edwardo, Edwin. But there are the lucky few who only have the name Eddie. Usually referred to as a guys name. Eddie's are usually very nice, pretty attractive, love sex, love making people laugh, very smart and usually strive for the hardest things in life. They are the perfect guys to date and have an insane amount of friends.

Becky: OMG guess who I went on a date with last night!!

Sue: Who?!?!?

Becky: Eddie!!


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The biggest gangsta around. One who has a huge dick. He's good looking, buff as hell, and is a thug.

Blonde: Did you see that guy who just passed by?

Brunette: I know, he looked like an eddie.

See gangster, handsome, buff, thug, nigga


the absolute best guy ever

all the girls wanted the guy that was eddie

See the best, cool, awesome, perfect, spectacular, obviously


Extreamly hot and sexy person

Wow, I am attracted to you because you are such an Eddie!

See sexy, hot, manly, cute, nice


The coolest, nicest, sexiest, funnest dude to be around!

My homies an Eddie, watch out foo

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Used to describe something bad ass. Eddie refers to 70's and 80's American rock singer-songwriter Eddie Money. If something is referred to as Eddie it is therefore "Money".

That shit was eddie.

See money, bad ass, awesome, cool, kick ass


A name referring to the busiest dude on the planet or the act of getting busy.

"Wow! Did you see that guy? What an Eddie!"

"Last night was crazy! We totally pulled an Eddie"

See busy, fastness, baller, fun, down


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