Edyta Sliwinska

What is Edyta Sliwinska?


Pronunciation: ed-it-uh sluh-vin-skuh

A professional Polish ballroom dancer who has competed on every season (to date) of the American version of "Dancing with the Stars," the only professional dancer on the show to do so. She has partnered with boxer Evander Holyfield, actor George Hamilton, and Pro BowlNFL lineman Jason Taylor. Taylor's second place finish behind Kristi Yamaguchi is Sliwinska's best finish to date on the show.

Sliwinska is also known for her incredible beauty and body, which has been featured in magazines like Maximand FitnessRX. One Facebook group dedicated to Edyta is full of women who claim they would never wear clothes if they had a body like Sliwinska's.

Edyta is married to Alec Mazo, another professional ballroom dancer, who occasionally competes on "Dancing with the Stars," guiding soap star Kelly Monaco to victory in the show's first season.

"Dude, you watch 'Dancing with the Stars?'"

"Yeah, but only for Edyta Sliwinska. There she is now."

"Whoa! She is definite jerk off material."

"Yes, she is, my friend. Yes, she is. In fact, as soon as you leave, I'm going to rewind the DVR back to this part, and masturbate like crazy."

"Can you put this on a DVD for me?"


"Good, 'cause she's given me a massive boner, and I need to go relieve myself, if you know what I mean. See ya, dude."

"See ya, bro. (to himself) All right, now time for my own self-relief. (drops pants and jerks it for all he's worth)"

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