What is Egit?


See idiot. Irish pronunciation of 'idiot' sounds like 'ee-jit'.

You are such an egit.

See James


a complete and utter clown, fool, person that can't do anything correctly, a person that always makes a fool of themself

Hey Barry you big egit.


an alternate to ejit in the Irish midlands it is pronounced with a hard g like ee-git

as in "he's an ojous egit" "stop egittin and get on with it"

See ejit, idiot, fool, bollocks, buffoon


Irish word that basically means an idiot. In the same way the Irish may say Fek/Fekk instead of Fuck they would also replace Idiot with Egit. (pronounced like 'eejit')

Aah Dougal! Your a fekkin egit! (Oh Dougal! Your a fucking idiot!)

See egit, eegit, eejit, idiot, igit, ijit


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