El Caballo

What is El Caballo?


A homosapien of the male species who has been known to have an exceptionally large penis ; a man packing the meat.

Chris: "Yo Charles, I just accidently walked in on Luis having sex!"

Charles: "Did you get a little peak?"

Chris: "Naw, I couldn't see much."

Charles: "Well, why not?"

Chris: "Cause, all I got a glimpse of, was El Caballo."

Charles: "Shit, he must be packin'."

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Nickname given to Carlos Lee, a Houston Astro, which when translated from Spanish to English means big horse, which is fitting cuz Carlos is a big guy. Has a fan club consisting mostly of Mexicans who always hang out in the standing room near the Crawford boxes at Minute Made Park. Look for the guy with the big moustache!

El Caballo has just hit...whoa it's going...it's going...caught in foul territory! Maybe he'll gallop the bases next time.

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AKA The Lord of the Range Balls. El Caballo is the Demon ruling the land of Noogoria. He is recognized by his scorpion like face and massive legs capable of sending men 30 yards with one kick. It is also written that one day a hero will emerge and take the land of Noogoria from his grasp.

"When El Caballo arrives. All citized scatter."


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