El Oh El

What is El Oh El?


Acronym LOL spelled out; LOL - laughing out loud, lots of laughs, lots of love

that thing is so funny, el oh el!!

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It means lol, or laugh out loud. What it is exactly is, L = El O = Oh El = L

Funniest shit ever this dude jumped off a bridge and broke his ass bone, El oh el!!

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Laughing out loud. Lol, el oh el

She laughed out out. Lol, el oh el


The phonetic spelling of the term lol when mispronounced. Used to mock the incorrect pronunciation of lol by non internet savvy people in real life. Lol is pronounced as a single word lol and not as l.o.l

used in real life - "I was on aim and told stacie I fucking hate Brian. Jk, el oh eL."

used on the internet - "HAY GUYZ I REALLY LOVE MTV EL O EL"

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Botch says it alot at the counter-strike banana forums


botch:el oh el

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