Elephant Man

What is Elephant Man?


The name given to John Merrick

hey look, its the John Merric, The Elephant Man!

See Galano


A talented reggae singer who goes by the name elephant man. Al-pal is a shit head the reggae singer who bashes gays is buju banton.

Yo man, Elephant Man was off the hook.

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1. Stage nameof Joseph Carey Merrick (1862-90), a man afflicted with two diseases, neurofibromatosisI and Proteus Syndrome, which made his body puff out into a series of tumours that deformed his face, head and one side of his lower body. (Often incorrectly thought to have had elephantiasis). Lived as a circusfreak for some time before attracting the attention of British higher society. Died in a tragic attempt to sleep flat on his back at the age of 27; his massive head dislocated his neck. The subject of a biopic in 1980, directed by David Lynch.

2. Any social pariah, anyone seen as monstrous.

The Elephant Man's skeleton has been removed from public view.

After the incident with Hannah's microwave oven, she sees me as an Elephant Man.

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The act of removing ones penis from its panty containment and pulling out the pockets of your trousers making the genitalia region resemble a elephant.

Drunk: Hey ladies, wanna say hello to the elephant man, he wont bite.

Chick: Umm sure?

(produces elephant man)

Chick: My god, its huge. Does it like peanuts?

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A drawing of male sexual organs resembling a smiley face.

The elephant man is a drawing that resembles a smiley face, a penis, and boobs. I draw it often, like on desks and walls at school. It realy confuses people...funny

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Not in reference to the movie, or the man with physical disorders but the reggae/dancehall rapper.Garnered fame from song "boom bye bye" which is just him saying how he wants to kill gays in various violent ways.he's a shithead whose entire career has been built on homophobia.What a douche, don't bother listening to the fucker.

Elephant man sucks ass,why the fuck isn't he in jail for gay bashing already?

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A Cool Band from Spokane Washington, with 4 CD's

1. Elephant Man

2. Songs To Nobody

3. The deluxe Pack

Papa And The Gernds/Regime Change

"MC Captian is such a good rapper"

"yeah he is in Elephant Man"

"really, awsome"


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