What is Elephantmangitisduckbillvacumm -backflippalatupusturnaround?


a large animal with a elephants body three sets of t-rex arms, a pair of sea turtle flippers, a elephants trunk that has a beak on the end. Its teeth are made from corn on the cob which usually break while eating its main food source of peanuts and popcorn cornels unless its the third day of the week in which it only eats fluff-an-nutter sandwiches. It has two holes in its forehead one that dispenses pez while the other shoots toothpaste for defense. Beware it can also shoot mouthwash on request. you can usually find these 30 ft behemoths lurking in closets of young children, and while burrowing in the sand while on the beach. This beastie is attracted by the sounds of couples doing the reverse wraparound painted seagull twist(look up if not familiarized with words). All in all this animal is certainly one of gods greatest accomplishments of all time that we contiue to learn from each and every day.

Wow Avi I was at the beach this weekend giving my girl the reverse wraparound painted segull twist when a elephantmangitisduckbillvacumm -backflippalatupusturnaround popped out and joined us.

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