Ellesmere Port

What is Ellesmere Port?


Founded in the late 12th century by Vatican monks, Ellesmere Port has remained one of the most imporant places in the northern hemisphere, economicaly and socialy for over 900 years. Ellesmere Port boasts the largest waste disposal center and one of the largest oil refinerys in Europe, suprisingly this only adds to the unique 'country village' feel about the place!

Now simply refered to as 'the port' Ellesmere Port is famed for its good natured youths and sweet country air. Its picture-post-card landscapes are said to be some of the best in the world.

"lets go on holiday to Ellesmere Port this year"

"I wish i was in Ellesmere Port right about now!"

"Ahhhh, looking over the iluminations on the 'stanlow' area is so realxing"

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The above town is actually one of the worst places I have ever lived. It is full of drug-taking dole scum and is so full of litter that it makes a skip look tidy. Everyone thinks they are hard but the truth is that they are all whimpering scum-buckets. The sooner Stanlow blows-up and takes the scum out the better!...

Bad people that sin all there life think they are going to hell!... Truth is they just end up back in Ellesmere Port!... Scum sucking gutter filth!...

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