What is Elliot?


Man of great size and power. Usually has his way with any woman he wants.

Thats like the elliot of trucks.

Elliot has had his with with all of our mothers. Multiple times.

See god, beast, smooth, beautiful, man


a super hot mexican boy who likes to get laid all the time. hes great in bed and has a big cock

he is such an elliot. i fucked him all nite!

See hottie, hotcock, fucker, elliott, eliot


some one that gets his dick sucked on a daily basis. by far the best male at sex alive. most women dream about fucking him. names included are people named jayme,jamie,or jaymie

he reminds me of (elliot) the god of fuck

i wish my boyfriend knew some of elliot's moves

See sexy, beast, fuck, blowjob, head


The name of a moose or a moose-like boy.

1) Hey, I'm Elliot Moose. I like to play. With my friends, I'll play all day.

2) Elliot has antlers.

See elliot, moose, boy, antlers, play


A piece of crap that bullies everyone and is the most nerdiest person

NERD!!!!! Elliot

See bully, name, nerd, weirdo


a person who knowone likes, and is constantly hated, usually has a small penis (one inch wonder.)

that boy dell is such an 'elliot'

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a 11 year old boy who takes steriods and then beats midget kyke's up

Way to be an elliot dumb poop.

See bully, likes men, small dick, jew


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