Ellis Island

What is Ellis Island?


The Ellis Island is a new sexual act. It is rather hard to perform and is dubbed the Ellis Island because the receiver doesn't receive much pleasure by what is going on.

To perform the Ellis Island you need two guys and one woman with larger breasts and whose comfortable with anal penetration. The first man lays down while the woman squats down on top of his penis allowing him to penetrate her anus. Now she lays back while the first guy screws her in the butt and the second guy climbs on top of her and titty fucks her.

Dude Joe's girlfriend is such a slut she has been both Ellis Island and Eiffel Towered now!

See eiffel tower, anal sex, titty fucking, slut, big tits


Ellis Island, also known as Grant.

Ellis Island, put the Malokian down, NOW!




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