Eminem Hater

What is Eminem Hater?


A dumbass 9 year old who is a lil wayne, flo rida, and soulja boy dick rider most of the time, these people hate him because hes white and view him as a wigger when he actually never once said hes a gangster. Also these people have only heard one of his songs like "We Made You", and since they heard that they think hes a bad rapper, when you should listen to, "When I'm Gone", "Mockingbird", "Like Toy Soldiers", any track from the albums "The Slim Shady EP", "Infinite", "The Slim Shady LP", "The Marshall Mathers LP", and "The Eminem Show". These so called people like to run their mouth on the internet about how much they hate eminem when they dont realise nobody gives a flying fuck about their opinion and everyone else likes him. But hey, what can I say, every good rapper is gonna have haters, even biggie and tupac have haters.

If you dont like eminem, there are 2 things your eminem hating ass should do.

1. If you dont like him, dont listen to him, its as simple as that.

2. Go listen to his mid and late 90's stuff and tell me he's a bad rapper!

By the way if you dont like him than do NOT go to Detroit

*It's a normal day in Detroit when an Eminem Hater goes and screws it up*

White Eminem Fan: "You guys hear that rapper Eminem that came out of our city?" "He's pretty good isnt he?"

Black Eminem Fan: "Yeah he's pretty cool for a white rapper."

Eminem Hater: "Eminem sucks, lil wayne, soulja boy, and flo rida rule!" "I'm so cool I can insult a rapper with out him dissing me back, hahahaahahaha, I'm cool right?"

*Black Eminem Fan and White Eminem Fan beat up the hater and he cries home to his mommy*

Eminem Hater: "Mommy, MOMMY! Two big eminem fans one white and one black beat me up!"

Eminem Hater's Mom: "Awww, well I'll just have to talk with their mothers, do you want me to kiss your booboo's and make them better?"

Eminem Hater: "Yes please." "Can you breast feed me too?"

*Eminem Hater's mom breast feeds him"

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