Emma Watson

What is Emma Watson?


She's the actress who plays Hermione Granger in the Harry Potter films. She is gorgeous and talented but like most teen stars, people hate her for no reason

person1: Are you going to see the new Harry Potter film?

person2: Yeah, but I hate Emma Watson!! She's so ungrateful and sooo stupid!!!

person1: Have you actually met her?

person2: Well, no...

person1: Then what do you hate her for? Being an actual human being with flaws, just like everybody else?

person2: uhh...

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The British actress who plays Hermione (the clever girl) on the Harry Potter films. She's getting older and HOTTER!! She is also a great actress unlike Hilary Duff and Lindsay Lohan,she's not fake.

"Emma Watson you're awesome and you're one of the HOTTEST british actresses ever!!!"

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A really pretty Teenager who plays Hermione Granger in The Harry Potter Movies.

Tons of girls are jealous off her because she gets too play alongside daniel and rupert.

And they claim shes a cow and ruins the movies.

But it's so obvious everyones jealous. Who wouldn't want to be her.

Hater: Emma Watson has such bad fashion sense! she ruined The HP books.

non jealous people: Go try and lower her too your crappy ass level some where else. kthx bye

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A naturally beautiful British actress, who is most famous for playing the part of Hermione Granger in the Harry Potter Series.

I saw Emma Watson at the London Premire!

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Emma Charlotte Duerre Watson ( born 15 April 1990,Paris ) is the British actress who plays Hermione in the Harry Potter movies.She is usually mocked by gay Harry Potter fans.

Random Person:"Emma Watson is SO pretty!"

Gay Harry Potter fan:"She cannot act!.. and look at those eyebrows!!! e..."

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The actress that plays Hermione in the Potter movies. She has won NUMEROUS awards, including a KZone award for "Best Supporting Actress" in Prisoner of Azkaban, and she has a reign on the CBBC "Celebrity of the Week" poll. She has achieved a lot in her life, and she has accomplished more in her fifteen years than most people do in their whole lives. She is also considered an incredibly good actress by many adult actresses and actors. Miranda Richardson, who plays Rita Skeeter in "Goblet of Fire", says, "They're very grounded. "They put me to shame, really, they're much more grown up than me. They're not fazed by all the trappings of stardom and, I think, very keen to be seen as true professionals. They want to carry on in the profession and do other big work."

She is one of the best actresses in Hollywood who has not become trashy like most teenagers in Hollywood, and that is something to respect her for.

"Emma Watson is an accomplished actress"

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A British Actress who was only good at playing Hermione in the first movie but then got really big headed and egotistic about herself and her fashion (which she has none).

Also known as; a girl who is very ungrateful for her once-in-a-life-time privledge to work with amazing actors.*

*You have probably heard this from a lot of different people online but, I actually know Emma. She's nice to her friends, not always nice to her fans, but in general she's a really nice girl (but not particularly bright....we had the same English teacher).

Shanie:"You know which actress I HATE?"

Lizz:"Uh...that Emma Watson girl?"

Shanie:"You guessed it! How did you know?"

Lizz:"Oh...everyone hates her. Well...exept those stupid 12 year olds and horny 17 year old guys."

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