Emo In Denial

What is Emo In Denial?


A guy/gal who denies that they are emo to avoid even more ridicule from their peers, thus creating only more reason to ridicule them. True emo-kids deny that they are emo because they do not wish to promote the fact that they are emo. An emo poser would promote the fact that they are supposedly emo.

Brad: "what are you crying about you little emo-girl?"

eM: "i'm not emo!" *sobs*

Brad: "you are such an emo in denial."

eM *wiping tears from under her sideswept bangs,

murmurs* "..am not."

See emo, emo girl, emo boy, emo poser, emo poseur


1. Person who listens to emo bands and/or borderline emo bands but doesn't dress like one and pretends he's a skater/punker.

2. Person who listens to emo bands and/or borderline emo bands but pretends they are not emos.

-Man, can't believe you listen to Greenday, such emos!

-They are NOT! They just wear tight shirts and pants, black mascara, and black shiny hair all over their faces while whining about how the world sucks.



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