Emo Taco

What is Emo Taco?



1. a depressed vagina, usually from excessive or not enough fornication occuring. During fornication, the woman may recite depressing poetry, along with vaginal bleeding. Due to high levels of depression, not seen since Benidict Arnold betrayed America, no orgasm occurs.

2. the act of performing oral sex on a girl during her period. The female's blood is considered to be hot sauce. In lieu of menstration, the man (or woman) performing the oral sex can cut his/her wrist, with blood flowing from the arm onto the partner's pussy.

1. "My bitch has such an emo taco that I have resorted to hiring prostitutes."

2. "I hate giving my bitch an emo taco when she is not having her period. I have to buy condoms and band-aids at the corner store, making me seem more like a creeper."

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