What is Emoban?


See Urban Emo. Defined as an individual who posesses all of the positive qualities of an emo with urban flair. Emobans are different from emos in several ways:

1. Emobans are well educated, with a fluent intellect, an appreciaition of various music styles, and a propensity for various mediums of art and art appreciation.

2. Emobans are generally more palatable to society's accursed members. They dress fashionably (or set trends), tell devilish morbid jokes, and are the definition of social chameloen, having connections to every thread of the socio-economic spider web.

3. Emobans are very sarcastic, and many times emotionally expressive.

4. Emobans don't nessicarily dye their hair black. Some emobans, in fact, are black. Many emobans, however, do cut their hair eccentricly, often with a razor (a dabbling in razory, as opposed to an obsession), and often covering at least one eye.

5. Emobans are both independent and conscencious individuals, not bound by "groups" or "cliques".

6. Emobans are mostly pessimistic about the fall and/or decay (decay, being perhaps the most intrinsic word to an emoban's dictionary) of (classical) civilization.

7. Emobans aren't obliterate imbeciles.

The "Age of Emoban", if you will, began slightly prior to the 1920s, with the flapper/post-flapper period. It has been mantained throughout the years, and revitilized recently with the introduction/recognition of the emo and the resurfacing of flapper age style.

Influences of both swing era and emo kid are apparent. Unlike most "Jenny From the Block" urbies, emobans often wear a considerable amount of makeup (if they are women) and accessorize with ingenius articles, such felt hats and interesting earrings. Much gothic influence is also demonstrated, through use of Victorian accessries: cameos,lockets, crosses, lace, berets, and black are used often in an emoban female's dress. Men, however, tend to wear considerably less "ice" than their ghetto/pimp male counterparts. In fact, the approach that is often taken is "minimal", consisting of only perhaps an expensive watch and a ring. Shoes are probably the most important accessory, as other apparel may vary in degrees of formality/eccentricity on a given day. Felt hats, belts, argyle socks, and sunglasses are other accessories that may be displayed, though, as previously stated, this deepends on the day the Emoban is currently expressing.

Prehistoric Emobans: Solomon, William Shakespeare, Vincent Vangough

Early Emobans: Tennessee Williams, Ernest Hemingway (Lost Generation writers, etc.), flappers

Recent Emobans: Gorillaz, Sneaker Pimps, Lemony Snickett(and his characters, Klaus being an excellent example), Gnarles Barkley, Winona Rider

Ex. of Conversation:

Ed Pedestrian: My, Julia, you look lovely today!

Julia Urbano: As do you, dearest.

Ed: Have you read any good books lately?

Julia: A work by Sophicles. He embodies, in my opinion, the strategem of existence.

Ed (cluelessly): Sometimes I wonder about why I am here.

Julia: That's part of humanity's pychological disposition as. You wish to attach to yourself an artificial object of idealised permenance, so that your Freudian instincts aren't realised. Religion does this for most people.

Ed: I don't think that's true.

Julia: The idea of truth is formulated on biases. You should expand your horizons.

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