What is Emogay?


Emogay is a term that was coined to replace the use of gay in an insultory manner. Seeing as how homosexuality is neither a good nor bad thing, it was decided that a new term was needed to replace it. Since the whining,derision, and repulsive fashion of emo kids is quite annoying and not something a rational being would claim is a positive trait, the term emo was added to gay to show "gay as in emo, not gay as in homo".

1. It was really emogay of you to ditch me for that date with Darl McBride.

2. Did you see the new Matrix film? It was soooo emogay.

3. I've never seen a band more emogay than AFI.

See gay.


someone who likes emo who is therefore gay

emo is gay too


person or persons by the name of zoe who is/are EMOGAY




man is that girl emogay


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