What is Employees?


Groups of people at the workplace who engage in the means of production by providing labor to the employer. In return for their hard work, the employees receive pay and benefits while the employer makes a profit which allows the employees to continue to earn income which they spend in other places allowing other people to remain employees and their employers make a profit which allows those employees to earn income which they spend in other places ....

Employees make the world go around.

1. Employees are usually very happy to accept a job at an agreed price and with agreed conditions. It makes the employer wonder why that employee then cannot show to work on time or follow the rules of the workplace and be plain lazy.

2. Employees always feel they should be paid more, work less, get better benefits and be able to set their own hours.

3. Employers bang their heads against the wall, all the while knowing most employees are fucking idiots, but continue to hire as once in a while a decent employee, with management potential comes around.

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