Empty The Clip

What is Empty The Clip?


To deliver a verbal assault that leaves it's intended victim emotionally devastated...much like a gunman with a 9mm clip.Often heard amongst a group of aspiring rappers and

sucka' emcees when trying to deliver the knockout insult.

Also practiced by heartless bitches on men from whom they're about to take HALF!

(EXAMPLE 1)INSTIGATOR: "Yo dog...homie said your rhymes flow

like shit in a sewer!Don't let that

go.EMPTY THE CLIP in his ass!

(EXAMPLE 2)HEARTLESS BITCH:"Look,you pencil dicked loser...

I've got five years and one baby

outta this marraige.I'm leaving

while I can still get my swerve

on.Attorneys will be in touch.

Ta ta."



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