What is Endicott?


Endicott NY is a small town in southern NY characterized by a disproportionatly elderly population, early teenage pregnanicies, a grade school educated workforce, pessimism, ignorance, pollution, and ever increasing economic and urban decay. Endicott is best known for the speedie fest, during which the local hicks, get drunk, and consume large amounts of food the form of speedies which are skewered mean not unlike a shish-kabob. Popular activities in Endicott include: eating, smoking marijuana, going to church, collecting welfare and complaining.

My hometown is this hole named Endicott, you've probably never heard of it but it's an hour south of Syracuse.

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The Town where IBM was established in 1906, there for often called the birthplace of computers. Birthplace of Baseball's four-time All-Star Johnny Logan. Also birth Place to Johnny Hart creator of the comic strip "B.C."and co-creator of "The Wizard Of Id". It was also was for 30 some years the home to the home of the PGA Tour's B.C. Open. Endicott is where Binghamton Univeristy started off at as Harper College before moving across the river to Vestal where it sits today as Binghamton University. This was also one of the towns that Endicott-Johnson Shoe factory was in, and also took its name from Henry B Endicott who started the Shoe company in the town.

Endicott is a town that was once filled with lots of history but now is empty thus we call it Emptycott.

Odd how a town can be birth of IBM and be so unknown this is why its Emptycott.

Endicott a famous place that most people dont know about.

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A place that sucks.

Endicott SUX()RZ!


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