What is Enigma?


a mysterious or puzzling person or object

if u see a shadow running around a dark alleyway thatz a kinda enigma


1.Someone perplexing or puzzling.

2. A word people usually use incorrectly.

3. Flipping out and throwing a shoe across the hall at someone's head, hitting them between the eyes.

1. "Had an enigma, ended up with a riddle." - The Hives

2. I had an enigma with my milk this morning.

3. He went enigma on me and almost knocked my non-existant brain out.


The original Enigma was a german cryptographic tool, used for coding army messages. Invented by H. Koch, was in use since 1920's. The coding method Enigma used was not broken till three Polish mathematicians: Marian Rejewski, Jerzy Rozycki and Henryk Zygalski started working on it shortly before WW2. Thanks to their accomplishment, the Allies were able to read top-secret Nazi communication.

The Enigma cipher machine had the confidence of German forces who depended upon its security. Initially broken by Polish cryptanalysts, Enigma decrypts from British and later American efforts were given the cover name ULTRA to reflect the value of the information.

Dr A. Ray Miller

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The Enigma was an electro-mechanical rotor cypher machine used for both encryption and decryption, widely used in various forms in Europe from the early 1920s on. It is most famous for having been adopted by most German military forces from about 1930 on. Ease of use and the supposedly unbreakable cypher were the main reasons for its widespread use. The cypher was in fact broken, and the reading of information in the messages it didn't protect is generally credited with ending World War II at least a year earlier than it would have otherwise.

The British encryption machine, Typex, and several American ones, eg the SIGABA or M-134-C, were similar in principle to Enigma, but far more secure. The first modern rotor cypher machine, by Edward Hebern, was considerably less secure, a fact noted by William F. Friedman when it was offered to the US Government.

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i.e The female of the species.

Woman: Does my butt look big in this?

Bloke: Uhm... no? You look great.

Woman: What do you mean ...uhm no?

Bloke: I don't get you.

Woman sarcastically: Yah, I'm an enigma alright dickhead.

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The coolest cat around. No one can out cool him, not even Cheebo.

Hah! Out cool enigma! NEVER!

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the best fucking emo, death group on the face of the planet

I went to an enigma concert and it both depressed and excited me beyond fucking belief!!!

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