What is Ensure?


a drink used to gain or maintain a healthy weight.

I drank ensure after recovering from anerexia nervosa


To make sure. Not to be confused with insure.

He ensured that I wouldn't get any leftoversby getting home before me and eating all of them.


staple of underfed homosexual dredge-queens trying to stay thin well past their prime and failing as they look more AIDS than Laids

I met this scrawny, jaded faery in Chicago that rented an old ballet studio; great layout with massive sq.footage, 12 ft. ceilings, multiple parlors, and mirrored hallways. How he paid for it as a interior house painter is beyond me. The point where I decided to remember the address was when I saw him sipping on an Ensure he tore from a sixpack and blandly talking about the last job - "3 months ago". I forgot to check back to see if it the place was available, but I know he's dead. I just know it. Somewhere on or just off of Halstead. Go find it!

See run, he, got, da


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